Are Thai women getting fatter?
Are Thai women getting fatter?


A recent overheard discussion between two ex pats in a beer bar got the Flirt guys ready to investigate. One guy had been in Pattaya for over 20 years, the other was a relative newbie in town. The veteran ex pat was heard to say, “Well, the girls here back in the day were much more friendly, much less lazy and thinner too!”  The younger guy asked “So what’s changed then?”


Many things have changed in only a generation in Pattaya. Firstly, when the Americans came they brought money, which attracted the girls from the poorer areas of Thailand. They were more polite as they had not yet learned how to scam every foreigner, this was fairly new territory back then. As Pattaya developed the girls became harder and more business minded, but why are they getting fatter? That’s not good for business surely? There are several reasons for this. All bar girls nowadays have their own scooters, so tend not to walk anywhere. The Americans, one of the fattest nations in the world, brought coca cola, MacDonald’s, Burger King and pizza and ice cream shops by the cart load and the change in diet for many Thai’s has resulted in many young people becoming overweight. But, that’s not the number one reason for bar girls becoming lazy and fatter.


So what is it? Smart phones! iPhones, Android phones together with Facebook, What’s App, Line and all the time wasting games such as Candy Crush and Cookie Run have made the girls lazy. Even the names of the games add calories! So what is the answer? You could open a bar where all the girls when working are not allowed to play with their phones whilst on duty! Put them all in a locker and fine ‘em for using them… One problem with this is that hardly any young modern Thai ladies will want to work for you!


One consolation though, as the young guy said “At least they are not as fat as the girls back home!” When the veteran ex-pat left the UK the girls were much thinner there too. So what does this mean for the Thai bar girl in Pattaya? Maybe in another 5 to 10 years you will be able to visit chubby chasers A-Go-Go!

Realistically though, any girl who values her beauty and figure will watch the calorie intake and after all, a big reason for the ex pats coming to Pattaya is because there are many beautiful ladies here. Let’s hope it stays that way!



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