Beach Road Bargains – Pros and Cons of ladies working at The Coconut Bar
Beach Road Bargains – Pros and Cons of ladies working at The Coconut Bar

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Beach Road Bargains – Pros and Cons of ladies working at The Coconut Bar

Ok, so you’re probably drunk, staggering along Beach Road after dark when a nice, young Thai lady catches your eye. First of all you’re lucky if it is a lady! Many lady boys hang out at what is known as The Coconut Bar, but if that’s what you floats your boat it’s safer to pull a young transgender lady at one of the regular lady boy bars, such as Pook Bar on Soi Buakhao. So what are the Pros and Cons of working ladies at The Coconut Bar?

Let’s look at the Pros, firstly there’s no bar fine, the price for short or long time can be negotiated and you don’t have to buy this gal an expensive lady drink either. However, the Cons generally outweigh the Pro’s, unless you are a seasoned player who likes living dangerously! Girls at The Coconut Bar are not regularly checked for HIV and other STD’s, unless they do so themselves. Most A-GO-GO bars have their girls regularly checked, its good business practice and the right thing to do. Secondly, the freelance girls on the Beach Road don’t exactly have a Mommasun making sure they behave themselves and don’t rip their customers off! If you stay in Pattaya for a while you will no doubt hear about some drunk farang getting ripped off by a girl he met at The Coconut Bar. This can happen in several ways, firstly if you take her for a long time session at your hotel room, be sure to lock up your valuables. You may fall asleep with her in your arms and when you wake up she is gone…And so is your wallet, iPhone and any other small portable things of value. H’mm, what was her name again…You may then be faced with an awkward and embarrassing situation if she took you laptop and case, for example, that happened to have your passport in the front pocket! These and many other incidents will be dealt by the local tourist Police. This can result sometimes the perpetrator and her boyfriend being caught, but it’s best not to end up in this situation in the first place!

Another trick is for the young lady or lady boy to slip something into your drink at a bar you go to, which leaves you in a very vulnerable position. Again this is often a diversionary tactic to make it easier to steal your wallet and phone.

If a girl you have bar fined from a well-known A-GO-GO tries to steal your valuables it’s much easier to track her down afterwards, and because of this it’s much less likely to happen in the first place. Together with the fact that most girls have a health check up on a regular basis that work in clubs, this really is a no-brainer. You may get lucky and find a great gal at a rock bottom price at The Coconut Bar, but do have your wits about you. If you are an expat it is recommended that you do not take a hired hand for the night back to your real home. It’s best to pretend that you are a tourist and rent a cheap room!


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