Do’s & Don’ts of on-line dating
Do’s & Don’ts of on-line dating



Do post an up to date photo and write an honest description of yourself. There really is no point in pretending to be anything other that what you are, if you post a George Clooney picture and tell the world you’re a 6’ tall, slim airline pilot when in-fact you are a 5’ 6” slightly overweight lorry driver you will be seriously rumbled sooner or later! The idea here is to get a real date!

Don’t assume that the person you are interested in has posted an up-to-date photo of them self  Many people don’t follow the first Do rule and instead post a photo from heyday, when they were much slimmer with a full head of hair. Also don’t underestimate the power of Photoshop, it can change a 7 to a 10 and likewise a 3 to a 7, or worse…

Do learn the on-line-dating lingo. Here are some examples;

Cuddly = Chubby

I’ve been told I’m very beautiful = Her mum told her

I’ve been told I’m very handsome = You got it, his mum told him!

I’m a Director of multi-national import/export company = Sells things on eBay

I’ve never had a Farang before = I have 3 kids by different Motorcycle Taxi riders

I’m looking for true love not your money = I’m looking for money not true love

Can you send me money, my mum’s buffalo is sick? = I want to buy the new iPhone

How long you stay in Thailand? = Are you a 2 week millionaire or Cheap Charlie expat?

Don’t get taken in by heart breaking stories or corny chat up lines;

“Girl seeking older foreign gentleman to take care of and enjoy romantic dinners, tropical sunsets and walks on the beach.” This might translate as “You die soon and I get your house, car, motorcycle and money to share with my real boyfriend or husband.”

Likewise guys often use lines like “Looking for a whirlwind romance and to spoil the lady of my dreams with candlelit dinners, flowers and I will fulfil all her desires.” This usually means “I’m on a months working holiday and my wife thinks I’m on the golf course.”

Do (For the ladies and guys who like guys)

Subtract a few inches from his height

Add at least 1 stone (just over 6 Kgs) to his weight

Halve his salary

Add 8 to 10 years to his age

(And yes, he dyes his hair)

Do (For the guys who like Girls)

Realise she probably has several foreign sponsors and when she says she needs to go back to her village for 2 weeks she is probably on holiday on Koh Samui with Hans.

Also realise there is a 90% chance you are not a handsome man, but you have special aftershave called ‘eau de money’ that makes you appear attractive.

Some girls genuinely want a better life away from the bars and are looking for their ticket to their dreams. Unfortunately this can often be confused with being in love with the guy.

Don’t base your dating on photos alone. Strike up a conversation online and see what you really have in common. Some people have someone else writing for them, maybe they don’t understand English so well. So you can never be 100% sure who you are on-line chatting with when it’s a text based conversation!

Do move your online-chat to a phone, this doesn’t need to be expensive as you can use Skype or Line for free. In this way you will get a better understanding of each other and see if there’s any chemistry between you before you meet.

Don’t disclose any personal information such as where you live and don’t give out your home phone number. It’s best to avoid giving your surname too until you really get to know your date.

Do take it slowly, if you can! Remember only fools rush in. Obviously this is a generalisation, but it’s good advice especially if you are dating in a foreign country where the rules are very different and no one has given you the rule book!

Don’t get too carried away and behave like a child in a sweet shop. A fool and his money are easily parted. Falling in love with a beautiful young guy or girl can turn the best of us into fools, so be careful and have fun!


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