Flirtman Weekly Wander : Heaven Above
Flirtman Weekly Wander : Heaven Above

Heaven above

The weekly wander this week needed to be a gem after the last 3 weeks which seemed like a competition for worst gogo in Pattaya. Flirtman needed to feel he’d died and gone to heaven so thats exactly where he headed : Heaven Above located in Soi Diamond plaza area just above superbaby.

As the name suggests the above part comes into effect when you need to negotiate a fairly large amount of steep stairs to enter the joint. (small sliding door on the right). There is a decidedly white theme going on in here (heavenly theme) and once throughout the pearly gates the simply superb selection of girls will have you realising they live up to their name.

The s shaped large stage is surrounded by white soft seats with lots of nooks and crannys to relax in as well as a few high chair tables at the rear. (also a small private stage area for 2 girls located beside the bar). The stool area looked like the abode of management or at least VIP/ Manager area but i could be wrong. If seating becomes limited then they have very small pouffy type stools right up against the stage but these should be used as a last resort only.

I wont go into the drinks list suffice to say they do serve draft beer AND they do have a happy hour. They DO have the smallest male toilet in Pattaya (possibly Thailand)…and strangely you need to leave the bar and go round the corner to access it…….but who cares about all these trivial facts. The main fact that was abundant on my visit was the sheer amount of REALLY HOT CHICKS in this place. I mean there were some real superstars and none had “attitude” that sometimes go along with the pretties in other places.

Yes if you give them more than a 10sec look they will come down and join you but they never felt pushy nor did they shuffle once then expect (nae demand) a libation.They simply were good hostesses filled with fun. Now i don’t know whether this is just a superb management or mamasan cracking the whip or the girls are just better manners …but it just works.

There was a party atmosphere that Flirtman hadn’t experienced in a long time (especially in walking st area) and this joint is going firmly on my “must visit” gogo run list and with music running at a decent level and a good rotation of dancers Flirtman wore a huge smile on his face and stayed for another 5 beers !

I don’t like pushing out a score of 10 too often…but i just cant fault the place. If they had some shows i’d probably award an 11.

For any gogo mongers out there ….forget the rest. Heaven Above may just be the best !!

Remember the flirt man is saying it like it is (without payment) and visits totally anonymously.


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