Flirtman Weekly Wander: Naughty Girls
Flirtman Weekly Wander: Naughty Girls

Naughty girl

This weeks wandering den is Located in Soi Diamond, off Walking Street up on the left hand side named naughty girls agogo. The interior is a red theme throughout and has a Standard central elevated stage with comfortable seating around the perimeter. The Draft beer comes in at 55 baht, Bottle beer from 110 baht & Lady drinks between 100-150 baht. The ambience of the joint on the evening of my visit was of good fun and the reasonable looking ladies weren’t too pushy for the lady drinks. The music was really nothing special but kept the girls happy doing the Isaan shuffle. Flirt can can only make the comment that this joint gets a 6 out of 10 now which is a shame as in days of yore under different management it was up at a 9. With so much choice in town it now falls into the same same category . Join me again next week when I try out some of the newer walking st joints such as crazy house. Remember the flirtman is saying like it is and without payment.

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