Flirtman Weekly Wander: Tim Beer Bar
Flirtman Weekly Wander: Tim Beer Bar

tim beer bar

This week’s Weekly Wander had Flirtman wandering up 2nd rd to agogo strangely named Tim Beer Bar. Why it’s called a beer bar one can only think that they are referring to the front Bar located outside the main gogo lounge.
If you choose to bypass the front bar and pop inside you’ll be greeted by approx 30 lovely damsels sitting around the various areas of the gogo as well as 6 actually on the podium gyrating to rock music. This gogo was one of the first to play music videos exclusively on their tvs and on a large projection screen area and the novelty had customers returning again and again.
The music is not so much heavy Rock n Roll as a mixture of AC/DC, Bruce Springstein all the way down to Blondie and tunes of yesteryear. The music is at a decent level that you can enjoy the tunes but still have a conversation with a friend.
Layout wise most seating is of high stools/tables surrounding the dance area as well as some stools against the stage itself. Most of the patrons looked like regulars and most were surrounded by women. I’m guessing the table areas are more akin to meeting the ladies than the more awkward location of stage seats. So if you want to be left alone choose your seat wisely.
Draft beer is on tap at a reasonable 75 baht all night and you can even pop into the back area where there are several high quality pool tables to play on. Their empire continues across the street too with their Boutique hotel (named Intimate) and rumour has it that big spenders in the gogo get offered a free suite for the evening. * Note the front bar have slightly cheaper bar prices.*
Back in the gogo the lovely ladies are not shy in coming over for a chat and the efficient service girls keep the orders coming smoothly whilst offering 7/11 snacks similar in style to a cinema sweet shop.
There were no shows of to speak of on this evening but the rotation of girls is brisk and there are a few good lookers but also a few munsters thrown in too. As 1 bar manager once said …the good looking ones cost the same. A disgruntled patrol moaned to Flirtman in the toilet that the girls were all demanding 2000baht for a brief encounter but i can neither confrm nor deny this.
To sum up Tim Beer bar would be to say it’s fun, reasonably prices, lots of women and is an old hand in the gogo game in town. Some shows and happy hour prices would see them get a higher score but they still get a reasonable 7 out of 10 …oh and note they must have the cleanest toilet in Pattaya !
Remember the flirt man is saying it like it is (without payment) and visits totally anonymously.



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