Frasers Grand Opening
Frasers Grand Opening



Considering I went to this venue at 4pm on Tuesday afternoon to get a few pictures for this article and there were still no table and chairs in place, the signage was still being installed and the handrails were laying on the floor waiting to be fixed into place, the evening turned out to be a great success. Well done to Stewart and his team of staff, Frasers on Theppraya Road is sure to be a new land mark venue in Jomtien. Frasers, located in Chateau Dale Plaza, above the renowned News Steak & Grill is Pattaya’s latest sports bar and restaurant. When arriving the huge terrace area was packed. The large veranda wraps around the entire front of the place and gives you and birds eye view of the main road running along the front and entices you to watch the world go by. The large comfy sofas and low lying table make this a relaxing area and I’m sure will be a very popular party of the bar. When entering Frasers, and obviously being the grand opening the place was heaving, the place is bright, with the bar set on one side and many bar huh tables and stools. There are dining booths all down one side with the added touch of each having there own private TV so you can watch whatever sports events that may be showing at the time. Plenty of large TV’s scattered around and a long corner bar that looks very inviting to jyst be able to sit and chat with the many bar tenders on hand. Out the back is Dorry’s Restaurant, so I’m gathering this is the head chef’s name. This area is more like and American Diner, with a few tables and chairs and a separate entrance to the front veranda. Nice if you have the kids or simply want to sit down and enjoy your food away from the hassle and bustle of the bar. The menu looks great with a large selection of continental foods as well as Thai. There are set promotions every day and plenty of beers, spirits and smoothies even. Try out Frasers in Jomtien for drinks, food, sports and fun. Stewart the owner is one of the best landlords around town and welcomes everyone with open arms.

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