How to talk to girls when you don’t speak the language.
How to talk to girls when you don’t speak the language.

Most girls in Pattaya speak a little English, but some new girls in town know very few words and often have trouble understanding the various accents of the foreigners. So what you need on occasions like this, where you don’t speak so much Thai either, is to communicate in other ways! Any Girl working in a bar will know why the guys come to ‘see’ them and so you are half way there already without saying a word, but what happens if you want to try and pull a lovely Thai lady who works in an office or even at a local Thai market stall?

First things first, Body language is very important. Be polite and friendly and offer to buy the girl a drink, if in a bar! It’s not polite to ask ‘How Much?’ for example before you have introduced yourself! Not all girls in Pattaya are for sale either, sorry guys! If you want to find an honest lady looking for Mr Right then it’s not recommended you search the local bars and A-Go-Go’s! If you’re just looking for fun then that’s the right place to be. So you need to tailor your moves relative to your environment, it’s easy to forget for some farang visitors that lewd sexist behaviour is not well received by some Thai ladies and you can end up in trouble too!

Using a semi-sign language together with simple English words will help with communication. If you have a good chemistry with the lady you are talking too, you will know unless of course you are extremely daft or drunk; in which case you probably won’t even be reading this blog! The usual conversation after the ‘Hellos’ will be ‘where you from?’ Just stick to the country, unless they speak great English and used to study a University near you! You can ask where they are from too and you may or may not have heard of this place. Most girls will say they are from the nearest City to their village as you will not have heard of that for sure. The Girls in the bars prefer the guys who are fun and like a joke and a drink, after all they can choose who they want to sit with in a bar, particularly if it’s busy.

Ok, so you’re looking for a serious date and really like the girl who works in your local Thai Bank. Best bet is speak to her in English and don’t rush either! Unless you only have a few days in town left… Talk about the storm last night or some event on in town, find out what she likes. Go into the bank every day for a few days for some small transaction or some information, she will soon realise that you’re there to see her. Then ask what she is doing for lunch and she might say she will have a buffet lunch with the manager her boyfriend… Right, start again! That girl in the shoe shop looked like she might be up for a coffee…

If you really want to get on quickly in town learn some basic Thai. You could quickly learn the Thai for hello ‘Sawadee Khrap’. You will hear this greeting a lot. Most Thai’s pronounce Khrap more like cup where the p is a little clipped. You can also download applications for all smart phones that will help you to learn to pronounce Thai words correctly, highly recommended. Here are some other useful phrases for you;

Sabai dee mai? - how are you?

Sabai dee - I’m fine

Taow-rai? - How much?

Wannee, khun su-ai mark - Today, you look very beautiful – This one is well worth learning!

Phut len - Joking.

Phom mai mee / mee ngurn - I don’t / do have money.

Pai rhong ram mai? - Do you want go to the hotel?

Joop - Kiss

God - Hug

Num - Breasts

Yai - Big

Lek – Small

Nid Noi – Little Bit

Buree – Cigarettes


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