If a Pattaya Bar Girl was an Animal What Would She be and Why?
If a Pattaya Bar Girl was an Animal What Would She be and Why?
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If a Pattaya Bar Girl was an Animal What Would She be and Why?

It is surprising how often humans are likened to animals and the females of Pattaya are certainly no different. I think that most of us have a soft spot for them for one reason or another so just for a bit of fun we have come up with 5 suggestions of the different types of animal a Pattaya bar girl might be:

1. Tiger
A tiger is a potential man eater and many of the girls of Pattaya are certainly similar to that. They see their prey and move in for the kill without a care for others or for the consequences and they certainly look after number one. A tiger in the bedroom can have a different meaning but I am sure that we have all experienced one of these – especially if you have been here for any length of time. These are certainly fun but are probably not what you would want to take home to your mother!

2. Pussy Cat
Some of the girls you meet are certainly sweet and cute but don’t be fooled. Like cat if they don’t get what they want they can look to find a new home all too quickly. Cats don’t have the loyalty of dogs and a Pattaya Bar girl is the same. Look after her while you have her otherwise see will quickly move on to another.

3. Monkey
Monkeys are cheeky and think that is quite apt for a bar girl. Often great fun and will keep you amused for hours in more ways than one but are not to be trusted 100%. You will have to look after them as if they were your pet but most already come house trained. They can be very loving and caring and who knows maybe a partner?

4. Wild Boar
Wild boars are notorious for their bad tempers and aggression and a Pattaya bar girl will be no different. Their moods can change in an instant and the consequences can be devastating. If you have one of these, handle with caution as they are very dangerous!

5. Owl
One thing is for certain and that is owls are wise. Pattaya bar girls forget nothing and are excellent at planning. They may not academically clever but they are certainly streetwise – they need to be when arranging their social diaries to ensure that customers or boyfriends never meet. Thai girls are certainly wise and you would be a fool to forget it!

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