Never too old to “pull” in Pattaya
Never too old to “pull” in Pattaya
Never too old to “pull” in Pattaya

Most people when they enter the twilight of their life start to get concerned that they will be alone and lonely. There is a simple answer to this especially if you are male – move to Pattaya! It doesn’t matter what you look like or how old you are – there is someone out there for you.

Thai girls love older guys for a number of different reasons. One of the main reasons is that they think that you won’t be wanting to have ‘boom boom’ all day everyday but with the amount of Viagra that is available perhaps she may be in for a shock. Another reason that older guys are popular is because they are seen as being more financially secure something that the little darling will appreciate as you have more money to spend on her! After all she needs to ‘look beautiful’ and what better way than with an expensive dress, matching handbag, shoes, makeup etc! You just have to remember that she is doing this all for you!

Sadly, some Thai girls have some more cynical views about why they are “attracted” to older men and that is the belief that they are nearer to dying. In reality these girls maybe weren’t attracted to you at all but just your money and the sooner you pass away the sooner they can get their hands on your money and get on with the rest of their lives. On the positive side though, at least you will enjoy your last view years doing something that you enjoy!

In reality one of the reasons that we love Pattaya is that we can get away with things that we would feel embarrassed to do at home. One of the things that maybe the 70+ plus brigade wouldn’t dream of doing back in their own country is going to a nightclub. You would probably feel too old or out of place – not in Pattaya you would fit right in, especially with a 20 something on your arm helping you enjoy yourself!

Another reason that the older guys feel more confident is because Thai girls smile back. Could you imagine a sexy English girl smiling back at an old man on the street? A Thai will usually smile back and you will feel happier and more confident meaning you are ready to take on the World whereas a comment ending in “off” doesn’t have quite the same effect!

Finally, in all honesty you would get arrested at home if you did what you do here! Enjoy it after all you are never too old in Pattaya!

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