Pattaya Has Soul Power.
Pattaya Has Soul Power.


Pattaya Has Soul Power

Pattaya Soul Club held their quarterly event ‘Souled Out’ at the very popular Access Inn, 130+ Soul fans attended another great night of Soul Music, beer & wine!! Dj’s Claudio and Ivan got the dance floor going with some classic Northern Soul and Motown, people of all ages and nationalities took to the floor to strut their stuff. The party went on till midnight and was thoroughly enjoyed by all.
Pattaya Soul club was established in 2011 by Earl Brown and Eva Johnson and will soon be celebrating their 3rd birthday in November.
The proceeds from Saturday’s event will go to the ‘Take Care Kids’ charity which looks after children and their mothers who are at risk.
Pattaya Soul Club could not operate without the generous help of the sponsors and this event yet again brought a new major sponsor. Pattaya Soul Club would like to take this opportunity to thank the following Smithfields Gourmet Meats, CEA Project Logistics, CES Equipment and Tool Hire, The Riviera Pattaya, Thomas Heal Design, Apple Honey Cider Company, Pattaya Mail, Pattaya People, Pattaya Channel, San Miguel and a very special thank you to the venue sponsor Access Inn.
The next event will be their 3rd anniversary party to be held sometime in November, any fan of soul music can be guaranteed a very good night!
You can keep in touch with all their events on Facebook

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