Review of 2013 and what to look forward to in 2014!
Review of 2013 and what to look forward to in 2014!

Flirt 2013

2013 saw the release of Flirt Pattaya and since we went live back in June, the site and our other media platforms have flourished well. 2014 will be a great year for Flirt Pattaya. With the vast array of different types of nightlife scenes to enjoy, as well as the Ibiza style pool parties becoming a major attraction in 2013, Pattaya’s ever present party life can only get better. This year has seen a major shift in the styles of partying people look to enjoy and the areas that have emerged in the area. Most noticeable would be LK Metro becoming the new ‘Walking Street’. Over the years the Agogo bars have crept into the area and have always been a hidden secret. Just this year has seen an additional 5 new venues open and 2014 will see many more I’m sure. Also having the likes of Oscars, Crystal Club will benefit the area, and having Agogo show style bars such as Amethyst opening will bring a slightly different clientele also.
The Night Club scene has also seen a change in direction. I remember years ago there as a handful of nightclubs you could go to for the ‘late’ evening. The Pier, Mixx & Lima Lima have shown they can compete with the best in the world, attracting some of the world best DJ’s and other massive guest names. With the change in types of venues in the town, we can see the type of customer change with it. More couples are coming in, and they are from all over the globe. There are Eastern Europeans, Koreans, Chinese and many others. It shows that Pattaya really is becoming a multi national party town and not the seedy sex driven city that its image has portray over the last decades.
The daytime pool parties have made a massive impact. With the likes of Planet Earth, The Pier & Mercure teaming up and Momento, these venues have started a craze that is sure to become a regular pastime in Pattaya. These events have attracted all type of customers and have provided a entertainment platform for the younger more affluent Pattaya visitor. 2014 will surely see more of these events and watch this space, as Flirt Pattaya will be involved to make sure you know about each and every one.
The Gentlemens Club scene has increased in numbers. The likes of the original such as Rioja, Winchester and Kinarree still remain popular, but with vast competition on their heals. We have scene Heavens, The Lounge and many other open there doors and they all seem to be providing the right atmosphere and hostesses the customers are looking for.
Flirt Pattaya will evolve to new heights in 2014. We will see the launch of the Flirt Magazine. We plan to start our own print format magazine highlighting all the best events, promotions and news from the Pattaya nightlife and party scene. We will have reviews on past events, our monthly Flirt Girl section, the Weekly Wander reviews from our very own Flirtman and much more. We plan to hold a major competition for all of our advertising venues. We want to give our followers the chance to vote for who the best looking lady in Pattaya is. This will be towards the end of the year and will be called ‘Glamour Girl’. There will be massive prizes for the winner and runner ups. The Glamour Girl winner will also have the chance to be the face of Flirt Pattaya 2015 and even progress into modeling. Watch this space.
So what else can we say. A big thank you to all those that have helped Flirt Pattaya get launched in 2013. We have started a new advertising initiative in Flirt Pattaya and hope you enjoy the experience of using Flirt Pattaya. Make sure to get registered on the site, join the newsletter and keep up to date on whats happening with events and promotions on the Pattaya nightlife scene!


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