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Rules of Engagement

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Where to take a girl you’ve bar fined on a date

Many guys who bar fine a girl in Pattaya take them to other Go-Go’s and bars before heading back to the hotel or rented condo to sample what they have paid for. To many this seems perfectly acceptable behaviour and as the guy watches the coyote dancers doing their thing, the bored bar fined girl sits playing with her iPhone, wishing he would just get on with it so she can move on to her next customer. Some find this bizarre, but this isn’t Kansas! As a suggestion it might be a novel idea to ask the young lady to dress politely before leaving the bar and then take her to a good restaurant that serves quality Thai cuisine, this will impress her. Order some nice drinks and enjoy each other’s company before returning to your hotel. She will think she has struck gold and you’ll almost certainly get your monies worth. Or if you’re a real gentleman, take the girl home! This might result in her thinking there is something wrong with her and at any rate she will expect to be paid. (There is an additional payment expected on top of the bar fine that is usually agreed before you take the girl out of the bar, most of you already know this!)

You could also ask the young lady what she would like to do. If she likes you she may take you to an afterhours bar, hopefully not a Thai karaoke bar though. The karaoke bars are where many bargirls go after business is concluded with their short time customers and they then bar fine the young male karaoke singers. It is bizarre, but really is a way of them regaining some control of their sex life. Many will just choose to stay with you whatever you want to do for the agreed time. (Short time is normally an hour or so and generally involves renting a seedy upstairs room for a quickie, long time is for the night and normally results in taking the young lady back to your place.)

All girls like shopping for shoes, hand bags and jewellery. There are several night markets in Pattaya for example and the best ones are at Thep prasit Road Friday – Sunday and Soi Hollywood off of South Pattaya Road most nights. The latter is open later and not too far from Walking Street or Soi Buakhao, probably not too far from the bar you found your young lady in! An hour or so shopping will definitely impress your lady if she is up for playing the long game, i.e. she thinks that she and your bank balance have a future together…



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