Secret Locations – Pattaya’s Gentlemen’s Clubs
Secret Locations – Pattaya’s Gentlemen’s Clubs


There are many Gentlemen’s clubs in and around Pattaya. They are mostly situated in more discreet locations than the A-Go-Go bars on Walking Street and LK Metro and tend to open early in the afternoon and close earlier at night. Most visitors to Gentlemen’s Clubs, also known as day bars, tend to be expats sneaking out for an afternoon ‘meeting’ with their friends. The discreet location of these clubs also help to keep the visitors off the radar! The last thing an expat needs is his girlfriend’s best friend spotting them in a girly bar…

Here are some examples of the most popular Gentlemen’s Clubs;

Kinnaree Place – Located off Soi 4 Pratumnak Hill, Kinnaree Place is one of the most popular Gentlemen’s clubs in Pattaya. This is a very well designed and built establishment with super girls, great food and music. Attention to detail and excellent service is what makes Kinnaree Place a great place for that extra special lunch time meeting!

Rioja – Located between Theprasit Road and Soi Wat Boon, looks like a Spanish castle from the outside and has hint of the wild west on the inside with soft sofa seating area to the left and high chairs adjacent to the bar. Rioja also has a golf arcade machine, if you feel like hitting a few balls! Another feature is a quirky spin the wheel game, where you can win a free bar fine or short time. For more details –

Heaven – A newly renovated and renamed Gentlemen’s Lounge located near Cosy Beach on Katsemkin Soi 11. (Formerly known as The Times Gentelmen’s Club). The Pratumnak Hill Area, where Cosy Beach can be found, is a rather more tranquil area of Pattaya compared to the city centre and a popular get away spot for the expat or tourist looking for a secret afternoon conference! Heaven is a plush, comfortable lounge with sun terrace and outside dip pool. For more details –

Tokyo Kids – If you fancy something really different, like eating your Sushi dinner off a naked oriental lady, then a trip to Tokyo Kids could be right for you! Located off Soi 8 off Theprasit, just turn at the Lion Pub and head towards Soi Korphai and you will find this very discreet Gentlemen’s Club on the right. From the outside you will find a small beer garden, but inside is a whole different story! With a very compact bar, high table and chairs set for dinner in a Japanese setting indicating you’re in for something rather special! Short time rooms are available if you fancy a nap after your hefty meal! Booking in advance is recommended. (Takeaways from Tokyo Kids really do make a happy meal! Don’t forget to dig deep in the box to find the toy…) For more details  –


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