Should I make friends with bar girls on Facebook?
Should I make friends with bar girls on Facebook?


Should I make friends with bar girls on Facebook?


It seems that the majority of people you meet nowadays have a Facebook account, which is a great tool for communicating with your network of friends and family. This is particularly useful if you live in Thailand and you want to see what your friends are up to back home, a great cure for the homesick blues, but should you accept friend requests from bar girls?


If you are on good terms with any girl then there’s no harm in being friends on Facebook, however if you are a bit of a butterfly and the girls you know are playing the long game with you, they will be mortally disappointed when they find out you are a player and have many bar girlfriends! This is kind of ironic seeing as they will probably have several European sponsors!


So, being smart, you decide to not make friends on Facebook with bar girls. Being really smart you hide as much of your profile from public view as possible, but if you leave anything visible to the general public, such as your friends list….You are vulnerable to being abused! (Your friends can also be found from photos you are tagged in!!!) A recently scorned bar girl looked up her ex-Knight in shining armour after a fall out and sent a message to all his friends telling them he beat her up, stole money, has lady-boy friends and had Aids! This is really not nice, particularly if your Mum, Dad and new boss are you Facebook friends.


If you do have bar girlfriends on Facebook and one turns nasty, good luck! The damage to your social reputation can be immense and delivered before you have a chance to delete and block the instigator! Some girls will look through all your tagged photos and also message all your other bar girlfriends, which will result in the ultimate loss for any player!


Are there alternatives to Facebook? Yes, there are many, but Facebook is currently the most popular social networking site and any social media platform that allows viewing of friends and photos is of potential danger for the player, unless you have the ability to hide key elements.


The only real 100% safe answer for the player is simple. Don’t have a Facebook account, or if you really need to connected then create a page under an alias and have no photos of you on your profile. To be really safe, have no photos taken of you then you won’t be on anyone’s page. This can be a very difficult thing to achieve today as every phone can and will take photos!



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