Should you bring a girl back to your room?
Should you bring a girl back to your room?


Should you bring a girl back to your room?


If you are on holiday in Thailand and you’re staying at a hotel then usually there is no problem in taking a girl back to your room, especially if you are single or your current partner is up for a threesome! It is advisable to put all of your valuables in the safe. This is particularly important if you meet your lady of the night in a bar or location that she does not work at. She will be hard to trace if she decides to help herself to your wallet after you fall asleep! A bar girl is much less likely to steal from you as it’s much easier to track her down afterwards and she will almost certainly lose her job.


Many ex-pats like a short time and often frequent the day bars, sorry go to the office for a meeting. Many day bars have short time rooms and are very discreet. This is particularly important if the ex-pat is married and doesn’t want the wife to find out! Some ex-pats like to live dangerously or are too tight to hire a short time room and take the girl back to their house or condo. Some will do this when the wife has gone away up country, the guy thinking there is no chance of getting caught… What happens if the wife comes home a day early unannounced? I suppose the bar girl could always hide in the wardrobe! Another way guys get caught out in this scenario is when the bar girl deliberately, or maybe unintentionally, leaves evidence of her visit behind. This could be anything from a pair of knickers to a long hair of a different colour from the wife on the bed sheet! Remember, women notice these things!


If you are single and own a house should you take your bar girl back with you? Many ex-pats live on ‘secure’ estates in very nice houses full of very nice things. It is not unknown for the bar girl to take an inventory and security check on your house whilst visiting and then a few weeks later, whilst you are at the bar with her, the boyfriend goes and helps himself to your belongings.


On balance, unless you are a single tourist staying at a hotel with a safe, it is not recommended to take a bar girl back to your room. You might be ok, but it is risky. You are much better off going to a short time or long time hotel room for any night manoeuvres. It’s best to ask a well-seasoned Pattaya veteran, who will happily advise you in exchange for a few beers! (Or read the Flirt blogs, they are free!!!)


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