Should you marry your bar girl girlfriend? (Don’t be an April fool!!!)
Should you marry your bar girl girlfriend? (Don’t be an April fool!!!)



Should you marry your bar girl girlfriend? (Don’t be an April fool!!!)

You may have met the girl of your dreams one night six months ago in Whatever A-GO-GO (It’s actually a made up name, but thinking about it could be a great concept bar…) and fallen madly in love, however, let’s look at the facts before thinking seriously about taking the plunge.

She is 22, slim, gorgeous, has legs that go on forever, has a beautiful pert derriere and goes like a steam train! But hang on… Are you comparing her to the fat ugly lasses back home? Of course you are! Why should you have an unattractive middle aged battle-axe as a missus when you can have a nubile gymnast? Well, there are a few things to consider here. First off there’s a good chance you’re twice her age, at least! Secondly there’s the cultural differences, you may have been to the temple, met the extended family and bought them all dinner, but how many hours of the screaming channel 3 soap operas can you really abide before you start watching separate TVs?

Joking aside, there is one main common interest that you will share. You probably already know the answer to this, but due to your mid-life crisis and deluded mind it doesn’t matter to you!!! Stay focused! Many bar girls are genuinely looking for a nice farang to take care of them and their family of rice farmers up country, but most are only interested in your money and your ability to provide. You get what you want and she gets what she wants, it’s a simple transaction. Some bar girls do fall genuinely in love with their sponsor, but if or when the money runs out, so will she! There are of course exceptions to the rule, we hope!

Here’s some tips to protect your assets;

Make a will, both in Thailand and where you from mister! Do try and find a straight lawyer that is not interested in splitting your assets with your ex after she pushes you off the balcony. (“He was very drunk and taking a selfie stood on a chair on the balcony officer, I so sad!” Sounds so stupid, it must be true!)

Buy property in your own name if you can! Obviously foreigners cannot buy land, so maybe a condo is a better option. They are often more secure too. Many foreigners find themselves homeless when they split up from their lady or are kicked out from the Thai family home…

Keep all expensive vehicles in your name, if you want to keep them after you split up!

Find a nice girl that doesn’t work in a bar or isn’t just a freelance lady of the night! These are few and far between in Pattaya, but there are some real gems to be found here too!

So, should you marry your bar girl girlfriend? It’s a real big up to you, it works out great for some and if you want some adventure after living 40 plus years in a very boring, dull, cold and wet paranoid UK, then why not? Just don’t expect to go home with any of your savings left!

One final and very wise piece of advice – The girls you pay for are cheaper than the ones you don’t pay for!


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