The Best Dance Moves to Get the Girl
The Best Dance Moves to Get the Girl

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You can go to the best bars and the best clubs is the World and there is one thing that always impresses the ladies….yes money, but after that they want someone who can move! The young ladies of Thailand with their sophisticated style will not be interested in a romantic tango or bump and grind (at this stage at least!), they will be looking for someone fun, interesting, imaginative and drunk – these are easier to extort money from!

A real mover in Pattaya will have perfected the moves down to an art and will have no doubt about his dancing prowess. This is a man who has changed from Boring Brian of Bromley into a sex god in just 2 weeks! Brian, or someone his ilk, will have by now perfected one of the following moves making him an instant hit to the dance floor so perhaps you can learn and become just like Brian!

1. Singha Swinger
The Singha Swinger is the move for the cool, sophisticated, 2 week alcoholic dancer! The Singha Swinger involves standing up and basically swinging from side to side, trying to balance. The move is completed with a bottle of Singha in your hand and an inane grim. Ladies will see you as a harmless drunk who is quite friendly – drinks are easy to obtain and sex unlikely!

2. San Miguel Stagger
The San Miguel Stagger is the next step up from the Singha Swinger. The swinging from side to side has been replaced by….err a stagger that occasionally may be seen as being to the beat of the music. The dance is completed by the participant repeatedly saying “I am alright, I am alright” and laughing. Ladies see this man as a challenge; sex is certainly out of the question (bonus!) but getting a drink may not be as easy – he may have spent all his money already or lost his wallet!

3. The Heineken Head Banger
The Heineken Head Banger is often for the older generation. The dance can be performed in a sitting or standing position. The key here is to imagine you are a rock star and shout…sorry sing the odd word that you know and move your head up and down. You will be seen as the life and soul of the party (in your eyes at least) and the girls can’t fail to be impressed. Drinks are likely as too is sex with the help of Viagra.

4. Leo Lobos
The Leo Lobos is one for those who appreciate crooning. A kin to the ‘dad dance’ this will make the girls feel comfortable. You will have probably amassed some wealth as this is recognised by your out of touch taste in music and dancing. Young Nong will be very impressed and more than happy to help you a ‘sexy young man’ spend your wealth on her!

5. Chang Cha cha cha
The Chang Cha cha cha is one for ‘wandering palms’. The dancer will be able to get up close and personal with his tilac (regardless of if she wants it or not) and explore every part of her body while she tries to swat him away like an irritating mosquito! If she can put up with this drinks are likely!

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