The Do’s and Don’ts of Sex and New Technologies
The Do’s and Don’ts of Sex and New Technologies


The Do’s and Don’ts of Sex and New Technologies

As technology advances and becomes more complex, so it seems do our sex lives. The number of ways of putting your foot in it have increased exponentially in recent years…

Don’t tweet about a one night stand

Bragging about a one night stand can end up back firing on you if the girl you were with sees it. She may not want to see you again depending what you say! Also in Thailand a one night stand is not a novel concept! It will appear that you are just attention seeking, oh hang on, that’s what Twitter was designed for!

Do watch porn together

Watching filth together, according to a survey last year, is something that 96% of couples have tried. It can improve your knowledge and sexual techniques for sure, just don’t spank her too hard! Porn videos on the Internet have provided us with an education that our Grandparents missed out on, they just had good old jazz mags that granddad used to hide under the loose floorboard in the bathroom…

Don’t use smiley faces in sex texts

Also known as emojis, smiley faces and winky faces with sunglasses are a real turn off in a sex text. If you want to come across as a viral tough Rambo and not a pervy Bambi, you know what to do J

Get the video camera involved

The same survey that discovered 96% of couples have watched porn together also revealed that 40% of women have made sex tapes. Here in Thailand if you bar fine a girl and offer enough money the percentage will be much higher! A lot of modern women are far more open minded than guys realise, maybe let her film you first? Get to the gym first, just in case the video goes viral after you split up!

Don’t check emails in bed after sex

Most ladies won’t be too pleased if you start checking your emails in bed after sex. It also damages crucial relationship bonding… In Thailand the girls are highly likely to reach for their smart phone after sex too. There’s no need to worry though, she will be playing cookie run, feeding the chickens on Farmville or asking her friend where they can meet to eat some noodles! (Or telling her next customer she had to go see her friend in hospital, so sorry for being late. Can I have some money?)

Do take sexy pictures (just be very careful with them)

It’s fun to take naughty nude photos and more spicy shots too, but it’s advised you don’t take them on your phone. What if your regular girlfriend sees them? Or if you are flicking through holiday snaps with your office buddies and suddenly reveal a shot of you in your ladies kit with Mr Percy to attention? You would be the talk of the office for quite a while… Also, if you split up and your ex has pictures of you, what will she do with them? There are many revenge websites out that you may now be pick of the week on!


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