The Flirtman Weekly Wander – The Booze Lounge
The Flirtman Weekly Wander – The Booze Lounge

the booze lounge

The Flirtman Weekly Wander – The Booze Lounge

This week I decided to make a venture to a more remote part of town and probably my first wander over to the Darkside that I have documented. Having heard about the recent opening of The Booze Lounge  in Soi Bua Khao, I decided to make the trip up Soi Khao Talo to check out the original venue. I got to the place at 6pm, after just finishing my daily chores and gasping for an ice cold beer. The exterior is like for like to the city centre venue. There some comfy seating area outside on the terrace, but not like in town, there’s not much of the world going by to rubber neck. The Soi is a busy area with high volume of car traffic as opposed to the footfall in town.

Inside is pretty much like for like also. There’s the high tables in the centre, the lounge areas around the outside, the bar down one side and the pool table which seems busy. This place is an Expats Haven. I know many guys around town from over the years and I recognize many as soon as I’m through the door. There’s a few hellos and greetings which gives me a warm feel straight away from guys I don’t know, but are frequenting with those I do. I choose a table over to one side on my own (the only table available). Now, I don’t get over the side of town very often and when I do I try to use that time to relax and wind down. This is what I got in The Booze Lounge. I was waited on politely and efficiently. The beer was nice and cold and the prices are really good. Chang only 49 baht, which I don’t drink, but much of the other beers and drinks were great value. I took a cider, which I also noticed was great value. I was asked if I wanted a game of pool by the girls, I was asked if I wanted company, I declined the first but took up the offer on the latter. My hostess with nice. There was a good selection of offer as well. They waltz around wearing bikinis and frolicking with the locals.

The music is good, with a good mixture and most of the stuff the clientele would appreciate. There plenty of TV’s around and I notice they are showing the weekends Premier League matches, so I’m guessing they cater for the football also, which isn’t much interest to me.

Getting back to my ‘company’ she’s been here chatting with me for a good 15 minutes now and still hasn’t asked for a drink. GREAT. She gets asked if she wants a drink. The owners may have drummed this into the girls or knowing the local expats are the clients rather wait until asked. This I feel shows a good sign of a bar and the staff aren’t pushy. Thumbs up there owners.

I notice the pool table is really busy tonight. Even the girls have been playing along whilst wearing their skimpy little bikini numbers. Good viewing. After an hour the place is packed and I’ve come to realize it’s the local pool match night. The atmosphere is great. All members of the opposing teams are laughing a joking with one another. This isn’t the tempo you get in the local city centre bar pool comp night. This is friendly, fun and enjoyable.

Having scooped up a couple of cider and a few beers its time to head home. I know the dreaded Sukhumvit awaits but my ventures to the Darkside have been well worth it. I will definitely being coming back and have made some good new friends tonight.

The Booze Lounge, Soi Khoi Talo gets an 8 out of 10.

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