The Pros and Cons of Different Aged Bar Girls
The Pros and Cons of Different Aged Bar Girls

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It perhaps depends on what you are looking for from your mattress actress as to what age group would suit you best. It goes without saying that in a city like Pattaya you won’t be short of choice! If you a looking for a long term girlfriend there will be girls looking to do this, if you are looking for something a little bit different you will be able to find this as well and if you are simply looking to find the ride of your life – this won’t be hard to find either!

Below we look at the typical age groups:

The 20 – 30 Age Group
You may find some girls who are younger than 20 but you a treading on dangerous ground and are best to be avoided! Girls at the younger end of this age bracket have probably been less influenced by other girls, the bar scene and are likely to be straight out of the jungle or village! They are probably seen a ‘sweeter’, butter wouldn’t melt or the take home to mother types. Many will be young mothers and possibly a bit on the clingy side looking for someone to take care of them. Those that are not young mothers are probably looking to become one – so take care! It is likely that their level of English will be pretty low.

The old ones in this bracket are often a little bit more hard core. They will be familiar with the bar scene and looking to make as much money as possible with a far better understanding of English!

The 30 – 40 Age Group
These girls really know what they are doing. Largely in it for the money they know how to put on a good performance but probably have a number of sponsors! Heartbreakers for those new to the city who think that they have found the one – only to find out that they are number 101! These girls are usually for entertain purposes only and expert money (your money!) reduces! They will speak a good level of English, German, Korean and any other language that will keep their ‘tilac’ happy!

The 40+ Age Group
These….errr….girls tend to be coming towards to end of the bargirl lives! Desperately looking for someone, anyone who will take care of them in old age and can be dangerous. These ladies will know exactly what they are doing in every respect but perhaps the old knees and hips restrict their performance but they will probably have got other skills to make up for this! Maybe suitable for the older gentleman who appreciates a vintage wine or a younger guy looking for a knee trembler!

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