To Skype or not to Skype, that is the question…
To Skype or not to Skype, that is the question…
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To Skype or not to Skype, that is the question…

You may be bored of working too many hours on the computer. It’s a common complaint. It’s especially not good if you moved to Thailand to appreciate the outdoor life and fantastic weather, but spend most of the day in doors working. Ok, so you take Facebook breaks and check up on old friends back home and laugh at how sad and white they look! Things aren’t that bad, and to reinforce that good feeling a young Japanese girl in her early 20’s wants to be your friend!

So you start chatting and it soon becomes apparent she’s a bit of a naughty girl and wants to ‘talk’ with you on skype. Should you say yes? Well, if you’re a single guy why not you think! If you’re married and bored, why not you might think too, nobody will know! Is the alarm bell ringing yet? Can you hear it? Probably not, you’re far too distracted at this point by a young wench at least half your age…

Here’s my Skype address you say……… She seems very pleased. You get yourself set, lock the door, put your phone in Airplane mode and grab the box of Kleenex just as she starts to call. First off she is a little coy and says she is shy. This is rather attractive behaviour, especially as she is only wearing a fairly transparent nightie! She says she will take her clothing off if you do the same and then starts to pleasure herself before your very eyes and asks you to do the same. Is the cyber-sex alarm bell ringing now? It should be deafening!

An hour or so later you’re back to working on the project you were distracted from when you receive a message on Facebook. It’s your little Geisha friend. Excitedly you open the message, but it’s not good news. She screen captured your Skype video ‘conversation’ and wants $5000.00 or she will post on Facebook and YouTube linking to you, your company website and will tag all your Facebook family and friends! What a ******* ***** you say amongst other things we cannot post!

Ok, there’s two options here, you could bluff and tell her you don’t care you’re not going to pay her and you will report her to the Japanese police for extortion. Or, panic and think OMG my boss/wife/family and friends will all see me in the buff marching my little soldier up and down for a young Asian lady with her legs akimbo shouting give it to me big boy!

If you really do not care and are one of these guys that has no shame, tell her. She might not believe you, but you don’t care right? However, if you are part of the other 99.999% of the population that would die of embarrassment at the thought of your video going viral Som Nam Nah, stupid farang!

The moral of this little tale, which is actually based on a true story, is engage brain before getting involved with anything online that can be recorded. That also includes emails and texts. These can all be used to extort money from guys ‘innocently’ looking for something a little spicy for lunch.

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