Top 5 Tips in picking an honest and trustworthy Thai girl friend
Top 5 Tips in picking an honest and trustworthy Thai girl friend

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Top 5 Tips in picking an honest and trustworthy Thai girl friend

1./ If you’re loaded and have serious amounts of cash it’s best not to show it. If you wear your bling and are flash with your cash you will attract any and every Thai girl and lady in town! If you’re looking for a decent honest girlfriend that doesn’t simply want to milk your assets it’s best to appear humble, or you could be heading for a stumble. (If you’re not looking for a long term relationship and just want some short time antics, then be your ‘no holds barred’ self! Remember, the girls you pay for are cheaper than the ones you don’t

2./ Don’t look in bars and A Go Go’s for an honest girlfriend. Most girls here have had more visitors than the Eiffel Tower and tend to have Thai boyfriends or husbands and a kid or two back in the village that they are looking for a sponsor to support. Bar Girls often tell you they ‘only work bar 2 week’ they say this to try and appear a lot less corrupted than the girls on their 5th tour of duty! Sometimes what they say is true, but it could be they worked at 10 other bars beforehand! The underlying issue here is that girls have to go with all sorts of disgusting people and grow to dislike foreigners, or at the very least they become indifferent and just see you as the next customer… You have been warned. (There are occasions when foreigners meet and marry bar girls and everything works out fine, just be careful and keep all property and expensive vehicles in your name!)

3./ Thai girls that don’t play the field tend to be far more shy than those that do. Sometimes, clever bar girls will use this tactic to gain your trust though, you will soon find out if it’s an act. When the girl from the bank is being coy chances are she is not acting!

4./ Look for a girlfriend that has her own business or at least works a regular day job. Try to find a girl that isn’t a workaholic and works 6-7 days a week flat out, this will soon become tiresome as you will get no time together. A girlfriend with a Government job is a good choice. They get good holidays and working hours plus other benefits too.

5./ Really beautiful girls often know just how beautiful they are and can be high maintenance, plus there is always the risk of competition! It’s better to go for a 7 or 8 rather than a 9 or 10, unless you can handle the pressure and maintenance costs!

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