Tuk – The Classroom Ago go
Tuk – The Classroom Ago go


Tell us about your background and where you grew up?

Hi Guys & Girls

My name is Suphap Chomchun. My nickname Is Tuk. I’m 28 years old. I original come from Korat  but have now been living in Pattaya for around 3 months. I came to Pattaya looking for job and visit my friends and loved the place immediately. The nightlife, the atmosphere, the people and the shopping are all great.

Like and Dislike

So! I like all about Pattaya but most is Beach and nightlife in Pattaya,

What you looking for in a man?

Well I like taller men, handsome with white skin with a good heart and age 45 – 50 years. I am not looking for young mans.  I like older men because warm and understand simple and flattering.

What is your favorite?

I like spicy food (Isan food)

What do I like to do in my free time?

When i have free time I  like to  watch Thai movies, listen to music or chat with friends.

If you would like to meet me I work at The Classroom Ago go. There is always many sexy girls working here with me, so come along and take a look! Hope to see you soon


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