Wan – Classroom Agogo
Wan – Classroom Agogo

Hi Guys & Girl

My name is Jirawan Phawong. My nickname is  Wan. I’m 20 years old.  I original come from  Ubon Ratchathani but have now been living in Pattaya for around 1 month.

Why did you come in Pattaya?

At first, I was with friends in Pattaya by accident not think much, but the other day I was wandering entertainment of Pattaya.  So I decided to stay in Pattaya.

* What flavours do you dislike to eat?

I do not like very spicy food.

* What do you like to do when you not work?

I like playing games, Reading, Listening to music.

* Where do you want to go in Thailand?

I like chiang Mai.I have never been to northern Thailand.The atmosphere was very good!!!

* What kind of the guys which you like?

I like handsome guys, tall, smart.

If you would like to meet me I work at Classroom Agogo. There is always many sexy girls working here with me, so come along, take a look and have a few drinks with me! All the girls looking forward to see you GUYS!!!!

Hope to see you soon!!!!

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