What Asian nationality has the sexiest woman?
What Asian nationality has the sexiest woman?

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What Asian nationality has the sexiest woman?

Is this a matter of personal taste, or is there a definitive answer to this question? Let’s explore the options;

Filipino girls tend to be short, slim and curvy and have a unique look for Asians. This is because of their mixed island and Spanish roots. Many speak English very well, with an American accent and are often Catholic Christians. The confession booths must be quite popular in Angeles! Filipino girls tend to be kind natured and not overly greedy too, which is also rather attractive. A good Filipino girl when she says she wants you, she means the whole nine yards. She will want you to commit and take care of her, they are not too shy about this either!

Thai Girls on the whole have a more ‘up to you attitude’…However, when you have stayed, or should I say strayed in Thailand for a while, you will discover the up to you has several potential meanings! These sexy ladies should not be crossed or deceived, do so at you own peril! Thai girls vary immensely in integrity, if you pick up a bar girl and expect to find a trust worthy lass that really has fallen in love with you, it’s probably best to think again. Its business, and Thai girls are experts! On the other hand, if you are looking for a long term relationship you best bet is to find a girl that has a good job, or her own business. Thai ladies can be very loyal and will take care of you if you take care of them, and maybe their family too…

Vietnamese girls tend to be rather shy and conservative, it isn’t an act either. You can find stunning girls with beautiful exotic faces and a caring nature too. They will cook for you, wash all the dishes and scrub the floors even if you ask them not too! An added bonus is that recent fashion seems to favour see through outfits, so when your somewhere with bright lights you could indulge in an alternative fashion show!

Cambodian girls have a reputation for being polite, friendly and very accommodating. Some say Cambodia is kind of like Thailand 20 or 30 years ago, less developed, cheaper and many parts are little explored by foreigners.

Many Indian girls, especially from the big cities, speak good conversational English. So if looks and the ability to communicate are important to you this could be the way to go. The karma Sutra originates from this region, so you may well find a few ladies that can explore the pages with you!

China is such a vast country so there are many differing looks of lady. Shanghai comes highly recommended and many Chinese girls are smart cookies, so if you want someone good for business as well as the business maybe it’s time to check out what China has to offer.

Japan is rather expensive, but well worth a visit. Tokyo is the obvious choice if you want to find sexy girls and an anything goes mindset. If on the other hand you are looking for a long term relationship it will pay to learn and respect Japanese culture. Japanese girls can appear outwardly shy, but are often rather kinky behind closed doors!

Seoul has soul! Well, it has plenty of young women dressed in that saucy secretary look! Many South Korean girls are not up for a short term or short time relationship, especially with a foreigner! The girls here tend to have one or two boyfriends then get married, it’s part of the Confucian culture. So if you find the Korean girls sexy, this might be for you if you want to settle down.

Singaporean girls can be hot to trot and super sexy, but this can be an expensive adventure. Singapore has a cash rich, westernised culture where the bar has been raised regarding expectations of what a guy has to pay and offer!

In conclusion, all of the above nationalities have their fair share of sexy women. Thailand seems to have an above average percentage of beautiful ladies for sure, but it’s all done to personal taste. The only real way to find out for yourself is to find out for yourself!


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