When to hang up your crocodile party shoes in Pattaya
When to hang up your crocodile party shoes in Pattaya

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There comes a time in all of our lives when really we should know that enough is enough. We can deny it all we like but in realty we have to accept that we are not as young as we used to be. In Pattaya the old dog probably does have a little bit more life than anywhere else and it is probably for this reason that so many of the old swingers still living the high life are well past their true sell by date!

We have all been to the discos, Gogo Bars and the other bars that we probably wish we hadn’t (but enjoyed all the same!) and had a thoroughly good time but maybe these are the places we shouldn’t be going when most of the employees are young enough to be our grandchildren! We should know that our time has come when we are referred to as “Papa” or even worse “granddad”. This is a sure sign that this probably isn’t the place where we should be and probably embarrassing ourselves a lot more than what we really should.

A night down Walking Street is probably not the best idea if walking unaided down the aptly named road is no longer possible. If you find that the music is too loud in these bars or “is not like it used to be in the good old days” then this is another sign that maybe you shouldn’t be there in the first place. Another sign that you should perhaps hang up you crocodile party shoes is when you find the bars a little bit too crowded. This is called creating an atmosphere and most people like and appreciate this.

In most places in Pattaya you will find scantily clad ladies. There are two extremes of reaction that are often noticed in these situations. The first is over enthusiasm, when blood pressure tends to raised to dangerous levels and the second is complete shock and disgust – usually associated with comments such as “what is she wearing” or worse still “she looks like she is just wearing a belt”. Either of these comments or indeed both reactions are certainly not appropriate for Pattaya. If you feel either of these reactions it is probably the time to retire gracefully and admit that your best days are behind you!

Pattaya is a place for the young or at least the young at heart but when we start embarrassing ourselves it is time to call it a day on the party scene. No one wants to spoil your fun but don’t become the point of fun for the wrong reasons!


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