Flirtman’s Weekly Wander Club Oasis agogo soi buakhao
Flirtman’s Weekly Wander Club Oasis agogo soi buakhao


This week’s wander was again running late as Pattaya was “dry” town at the weekend due to elections. As soon as the ban was lifted FlirtMan headed down to Oasis agogo on Soi Buakhao as it would easily have been a few years since i had been in. The reason for this absence was related to the last change of owner some years ago when the joint seemed to go downhill rapidly both in terms of eye candy on the chrome poles as well as a change in music style. This had always been an “oasis” in the area and the past german owner used to have some wicked europop tracks as well as some wicked women on stage too. None of which continued when it changed hands.

First impressions after entering was that internally nothing much had changed. It was the same layout and seats/stage area as before with 2 small cozy alcoves at door area and C shaped table areas where you get your own private dancer at your table. The actual stage area has always been small and a large column in the middle of it doesn’t help when it comes to getting a good view of the ladies on stage. The maximum number of ladies you can squeeze on-stage is 6 and depending on your seating position you may only have a view of 3. The quality of the girls were a broad range of super slim to a few more hefty types. All were really good fun and completely no hassles. All girls were at various states of attire and it was laughs all round when any customer attention seemed to make them peel even more layers off ! There certainly were a few “lookers” in the selection but didn’t seem to have any “superstars”. This is actually no bad thing as i’m guessing it means no jealousy amongst the ladies.

As with all the LK metro gouges the draft beer comes in at 65baht and the service staff were efficient and smiling which  always makes a good atmosphere.

Music wise it was nice to see that the video driven selections had improved from my last visit and now it mainly was modern dance music with some nice re-mixes (which shazam didn’t seem to recognise). With 4 large LCD screens in each corner, you’ll always have a view if the on-stage antics start to lose your attention. There is easy parking outside or across the road, if all the spaces are taken, and the only point to help improve this place would be some sexy shows. So the plus points are that it has definitely improved since my last visit and it shall certainly get another visit just to see the good natured stage girls having a laugh again.

 7 out of 10 because of the silly stage column and lack of shows tho !!!

Join me again next week when i shall definitely try and pop into one of the more obscure gogos (if no more dry weekends) and see if i can find the worst one in pattaya and remember the flirt man is saying it like it is (without payment) and visits totally anonymously.


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