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Waliking Street
Pattaya Chonburi




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Make Red Square’s New Happy Hour your starting point for a revolutionary evening out on the town!

Red Square located in the heart of Walking Street is the premier cocktail, diner and nightlife destination. With its Eastern European decor and ambient feel, with an array of dining areas, booth areas with relaxing sofas and also a large dance floor, Red Square caters for all mixes.

Even though you would think with a name like Red Square this venue would be home to the local and tourist Eastern European contingent, you would be wrong. Red Square caters for all walks of life and shows this with it array of musics from around the world. It seems to be a venue frequented in the early hours of the night and somewhere to relax and start your journey alo9ng Walking Street. But what you will find is that it will also be the home to the end of your evening. The place becomes packed late on and into the morning with revelers enjoying the atmosphere and culture mix.

Famous for its various cocktails and variety of imported drinks, this place is one of a few that can offer something different from the norm. Prices are very fair for the location and the service and staff are always on hand and very attentive. There is a great selection of traditional Eastern European dishes and meals on the menu. Come along and sample some true Eastern European food.

Come to Red Square for the start and the end to your amazing experience of Walking Street.

Opening Hours: 9pm until late


On Walking Street, on the right hand side heading towards Bali Hai Pier. Look out for the large video screen highlight Red Square and The Pier



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