Welcome to Siam Bungy Jump.

  Welcome to Siam Bungy Jump Pattaya Siam Bungy Jump Pattaya is the best and safest Bungy Jump in Thailand. Overseen by S.A.N.Z. (Standard Association of New Zealand), the Bungy is run by highly experienced Jump Masters from New Zealand, England & Thailand. The Jump is 50 metres (165 feet) high and also includes “Catapult” […]

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10 things real men do in Pattaya

1./ Skydiving – Fancy throwing yourself out of a perfectly serviceable small aircraft at 13,500 feet above Pattaya? Imagine falling at 200kp/h and free falling for nearly one whole minute followed by several minutes of decent to terra firma once your instructor has opened your parachute. This is top of the list for 10 things […]

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